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Emperors and Courts. A prosopographic data base

Concept: Prof. Dr. Mark Hengerer

Development: Dr. Gerhard Schön (IT Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften)

Project description:

The goal of the project is to create a database of the personell at the court of the Austrian Habsburgs of the imperial line and side lines in the 16th and 17th centuries. The relevance of this project was explicity acknowledged. In 2005, Peter Rauscher called "prosopography of the ruling elites in the Habsburg monarchy" an "urgent desideratum".

We include courtiers mentioned in "Hofstaatsverzeichnisse" and other sources in our relational database (MySQL), prepare standardized translations of names, incorporate further characteristics of individuals, and develop curricula vitae across various sources. Despite this aggregation of data, the inner order of the sources can be represented. The work will proceed in different stages, the speed depending on available staff. We start with the "ruling elite" that held offices reserved to the nobility in the 17th century.

Detailed project report (in German): Eine Datenbank zu Höflingen des Kaiserhofs im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert, zusammen mit Gerhard Schön. In: Mitteilungen der Residenzenkommission 3, 2014, S. 72-75.

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