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Doctoral Study Program ProMoHist

The goal of ProMoHist is to better prepare doctoral students of early modern and modern history (16th to 20th centuries) for the increasingly diverse research landscape. The program wants to strengthen the methodological-theoretical competences of participants, their independence as historians and make their achievements more visible to the outside.

The central piece of ProMoHist is the dissertation, starting from its conception to the necessary research in archives and libraries and its completion. Through targeted support within the structured program the dissertation phase will become more predictable and efficient. The common effort in a group of doctoral students doing indepentent research will help to fully use and advance scientific potential. ProMoHist supports the participants when applying for scholarships and third party funding and emphasizes the connections with research institutions in Germany and abroad. At lecture series, workshops and summer schools they get the opportunity to expand their specific qualifications, discuss the results of their research and intensify the involvement in professional circles.

For further information, see the webpage of ProMoHist.